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Stuffed tomatoes and peppers

olis greek recipe stuffed peppers and tomatoes with rice


1 kg tomatoes
½ kg medium peppers (5-6pcs)
4 big onions cut in blender or grated, well drained to make it less watery
one full tablespoon of rice for each tomato and pepper (10-12 spoonfuls)
1 tbs spoon of tomato paste
3 tbs finely cut parsley
1 cup olive oil
2 tsp white raisins
2 tsp pine kernels
Salt, pepper, a little sugar
3-4 medium potatoes cut in 8 pieces to support the stuffed vegetables in the baking pan


•Cut off the tops, retain
•With a small spoon scoop out the contents of tomatoes, pass them through a sieve in order to
•remove seeds from the flesh. Add salt.
•Cut peppers at the stem and remove the seeds. Retain tops.
•Put the hollowed out peppers and tomatoes in a baking pan
•To prepare the stuffing: heat oil and brown onions, blended or grated and well drained, for 2-3 min. Add rice and tomato flesh (should be about 1 ½ -2 cups), tomato paste, sugar
•Cook for a few minutes on low heat, stirring well. Add salt and pepper
•Add chopped parsley
•Cook for another 2-3 min
•Stuff the tomatoes and peppers with the rice, leaving some extra space (c.1 cm) for the rice to puff up and cook completely. Cover them with the retained tops.
•Keep the vegetables in upright position with the help of potatoes, cut into big pieces.
•Pour over rest of tomato juice
•Put the pan in the oven to bake at 200 ° C for 1 ½ hours
•Add water if needed while cooking
•Let it rest for an hour and serve hot with tomato salad, feta and fresh bread. Tastes delicious cold, too