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A few words about Thassos

The island of Thassos is to be found in northern Greece, off the coast of eastern Macedonia. Its coastline stretches for about 115 km and the island covers 378,84 square kilometres. A distance of just 18 sea miles separates Thassos from Kavala, with an additional 6 miles to Keramoti and Kavala's airport.
The fields and mountains of Thassos are covered in rich vegetation with a variety of wild and cultivated trees and plants, including olives, pines, plane trees, firs, limes, cedars and cornus (dogwood). The island has a population of just under 14,000 and is mountainous, with the highest peak being Psario or Ypsario, at 1,203m. From ancient times, Thassos was known for its rich mineral deposits, including gold and white marble. The main sources of income for the islanders are marble, tourism, oil, olives, honey, etc.