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Antioxidant compounds in oil.

olis about olive oil

During the processing of the olive oil, a part of the oleuropein is hydrolyzed and a number of particular compounds are released which enrich the oil and affect its smell and taste, including increasing its bitterness. Polyphenols, as well as the unsaturated hydrocarbon squalene, also help to considerably restrict the oxidation of fatty acids in the olive oil (rancidity).
Oleuroein, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and squalene (a type of a hydrocarbon) and triterpene (precursors of cholesterol and other sterols) comprise the antioxidant compounds of olive oil and with the help of a-tocopherol (vitamin E) and the vegetable fatty acid, oleic acid, eliminate free radicals, reduce the oxidation effects and alleviate the oxidation caused by aerobic organisms. These antioxidant and bactericidal properties are extremely beneficial for human health. Besides the above-mentioned compounds there are also present vitamins, microelements (with the exception of selene) and a number of acids such as caffeic, vanillic, coumaric and syringic.
The golden-yellow colour of Thassos olive oil owes its extraordinary quality to the beneficial climate and the particular type of olives. It is recognized as a product of a protected geographical indication (PGI). Benefitting from the natural treasures of Thassos and with a wide range of olive oil products to suit every taste, OLIS aims to enable our customers from all over the world to benefit from the magic pharmaceutical properties of the olives, as well as their wonderful aroma and taste.